A bit about me: I have lived and worked in 4 different countries, been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life, I have a teaching background in social sciences, and years of learning and experience with running a business. I built and ran a mini retail business in 2010, then did some project management, marketing, accounting, sales, freelancing, consulting…

I discovered coaching in 2015 and I realized that coaching connects my passion for learning, and growth, with contribution, and making a positive difference in the world – even if it is “just” by empowering one person at a time.

I’m certified with International Coaching Federation as Professional Certified Coach. If you are committed to your growth, and passionate about creating a better future for yourself and others, I would be honored to partner with you in the thought-provoking and creative process called coaching.

Let’s change the world and our communities together – starting with ourselves. Let’s individually show up as the best version of ourselves, and lead ourselves to the state of wellbeing, fulfillment, and excellence in both personal and professional aspects of our lives, and empower others to do the same.

Imagine a world not only full of artificial intelligence but also full of people with advanced emotional intelligence – where we have the ability to act and lead from a place of inner strength, agility, clarity, kindness, and peace of mind – even when in the midst of chaos.

Whether you are a leader in an organization, or in an informal community (e.g. a parent, mentor), the more balanced, well, clear, and stronger you are within, the healthier and empowering your influence on others becomes.

Let’s start with ourselves to make our communities stronger, happier, and kinder.

If that’s your desire and mission, let’s make it happen. I would be honored to team up with you in making a positive difference and changes in your world – that also touches my world – as all of us are connected.

We are in this together.

To your success, inside-out,


Lucie Tesarova
Lucie Tesarova, Professional Certified Coach, founder of Consult to Success