How to Think Small to Your Compound Success

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier

“Whaat? Think SMALL? Lucie, what kind of a coach are you?! Aren’t we supposed to “Dream and think BIG?” 

Glad you asked! Both thinking big and small can be an essential part of any success. How? Let’s first clarify what I mean by “thinking big” and “thinking small.” 

Thinking Big

Thinking big has its important part in the success journey. I would love to give you a recent example of how thinking big can not only help you reach your goals, but also inspire others in making your vision a reality. 

Yesterday, I went to a meeting of a Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Santa Monica, California

Chantalynn Huynhcurrent President of this chapter (2019-2020), in her final speech drew a picture of what this chamber could grow into in the next decade. Chantalynn shared her dream of inspiring, connecting, and uplifting the community to be more environmentally friendly and heart-centered, not only on the local but on the global level.  You could feel the excitement and empowerment in the room. Especially when she shared recent news and wins for the chapter.

Some of the steps that are aligned with the “global level of impact” goal are completing the very first Santa Monica Holistic Chamber’s compilation book (I’m one of the authors! Coming out later in 2020.), organizing “Wellness Expo” for corporations, and becoming a part of a new alternative media network that aims to become the Netflix for everything spiritual.

Not only dreaming big (global impact) but also taking the steps! Kudos, Chantalynn! Years ago, I served as a vice president of this chapter, and I am pleased it has grown and evolved since, and I have full faith in its further success and increasing impact. 

santa monica holistic chamber of commerce
Lucie talking with Chantalynn – photo credit to Eric Oxenberg

Thinking big can amplify:

1) Your impact or legacy (from local, small, to the higher level – county? State? Continent? Global?)

2) Your income (if you 10X your income, how much would you make?)

3) Your relationships (If your relationships were at the next level, what would it look like?)

4) Your health or fitness level (If your fitness was at the next level, how would you describe it?)

5) In which area that is not listed, would you like to see better / more significant results?

Thinking Small 

Thinking big is valuable and can bring extraordinary results. However, it can have a downside. That’s when thinking small comes to the rescue. 

Have you ever been “thinking big” about the thousands or millions of dollars in your bank account? How wonderful would it be, what kind of lifestyle it could provide for you? 

Maybe you even made a vision board of it, and it also has the yacht that you would own. Or the school that you would build for children in Africa. 

Yet, your current bank balance is nowhere that. You feel depleted, disappointed, perhaps even resentful. No matter what you try, it seems things are not working. You feel stuck, overwhelmed, and not sure what the next step to your dream would be. Things look very hard. That’s the downside of focusing too much on “the “far-away dream.” 

What example can you use for thinking big in your own life? Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stuck, or even unable to act with regards to that dream or goal?

That’s when thinking small can get you back to focusing on what is in front of you. 

Thinking small can help: 

1) Get you unstuck

2) Release overwhelm

3) Gain momentum

4) Compound your success & create extraordinary results!

If you make your Big Goal smaller, smaller, and smaller – what is the next level from where you are now? What is the smallest and easiest action that you can take daily or weekly consistently?

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”― Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

Start small think big

If your goal is saving more money, can you put aside a dollar every day? And keep it in the savings account without touching it? What is the smallest amount that you know you can save today? There are multiple stories of people who accumulated wealth from this little habit. 

Multiple books have been written about how “thinking small (steps)” can help you create surprising results. (e.g., The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy or One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer)

Now it’s time for you to think small. What is the smallest thing that you can do today, perhaps even right now, after you finish reading this article, that will be a little mini step in the direction of your dreams? 

Let me know! 

(Tip: some found a considerable energy spike from just cleaning up and organizing their desk – or only a portion of it. What is your mini task that would be a quick mini-win?) 


P.S.: Unsure what your next step can be or how to stay consistent with taking action towards your goal? This is one of the challenges that I help my clients overcome.

Schedule a fee-free discovery call with me and find out how I can join you on your journey to success, cheer you on, and hold the mirror to you of who you desire to become and grow into.

To your success, 

Lucie Tesarova, MA, BCC 

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Lucie Tesarova, MA, BCC

Want to hear another example of how the success of “thinking small” (aka growing at a slow pace) is manifested in nature? Check out the video below that I made while hiking.