2019 Titan Fast Pitch Competition Review

What a joy and honor it was to serve as one of the judges at the Bullpen (1st) Round of business ideas presented at the Titan Fast Pitch 2019 Competition. 

Attentively listening to student’s pitches

Participation at these types of events is usually described as “giving back” to the community. Yet, maybe this event could go by the term of “receiving back”. I feel lucky and grateful for being able to participate as I received tons of excitement, fun, inspiration, new connections with other members of the community including valuable tips and wisdom bites and overall a feeling of hope for the future. 

2019 Titan Fast pitch hosted by California State University Fullerton

Many students included a “good cause” in their business idea – supporting the environment, mental/physical wellbeing or those economically struggling. There were some very well thought-out concepts and delivered with confidence, energy, passion and with ease – not only among university/college students but also high and middle school students. And, some already had existing businesses! 

Congratulations to the winners!

‘What makes a winner’ key takeaway? 

Well deserved! Congratulations!

You need to have both – not only some solid work put into researching, testing and practicing presenting your business concept but also making sure you believe whole-heartedly in what you do, and feel passion and confidence that you can make a difference.

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