Launching a brand new coaching program for female entrepreneurs.


Opening  a space for 4-6 amazing women to join a brand new group coaching program!

This is for YOU, if you are:

  • AVOIDING looking at “the numbers” and/or often making business decisions based on “gut feel” instead of solid data
  • CONFUSED or UNSURE about what price or package to sell in order to get to your financial goal and ideal life
  • OVERWHELMED or feeling STUCK in your business when it comes to the financial aspect of it

How YOU will benefit:

  • CONFIDENCE you know your numbers and can interpret financial reports to make decisions.
  • CLARITY that your pricing, offerings and purchases are set up for success after testing them through my Financially Viable Framework.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT from inspiring female business owners who are making their dreams happen.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT through 1-on-1 coaching, group sessions and buddy calls.
  • PEACE OF MIND that you have a sustainable business model that allows your business to support your ideal life, not the other way around.

Impact YOU will make:

  • YOU make a DIFFERENCE not only for your own financial well-being but also for your FAMILY’s
  • YOU make a DIFFERENCE for someone else in need – For each group, I donate money to support one underprivileged child’s education for one year so they can have a BETTER FUTURE
  • YOU make a DIFFERENCE for your favorite cause as when you earn more – you can share more!

Interested? Ready to join? Contact me to schedule a no-fee call to get you started!

Not for you but maybe for a female friend entrepreneur? Make a difference for her financial well-being by sharing this program with her.

To your success!