5 ways that WEBINARS can help grow your business

“What the heck is a webinar?”, someone might ask a few years back. Nowadays, almost everyone, who knows that a mouse is not only the small rodent but also an electronic device, has heard of, or attended “a webinar’.

WebinarWebinar, or a “web-based seminar”, is a wonderful tool of sharing a valuable content with your potential or current customers or clients.

Webinars can be interactive, with Q&A section at the end, you can record them and re-use, and they are relatively a low cost medium.

Since you are reading this blog, you are probably asking: “So how can a webinar help my business grow?”

Below are 5 of my suggestions for you.

  1. Value for your current customers – By having a webinar, you create an opportunity for your customers to ask questions and interact with you which, if they are satisfied, their concerns and questions get answered, they are more willing or even hungry to get more value from your business, purchase more services or another product or recommend you to someone else.
  2. Reaching new potential customers – By marketing your webinar through other channels, such as Facebook or being promoted to an email list of your potential webinar guest speaker, you can attract new people who want to learn about the unique solution that you provide (by your product or service) to the pain or challenge that they have. Make sure that your webinars are informative and providing real value, not just promoting your product or service. Content marketing is an indirect way of marketing your product or services.
  3. Best travel budget ever – This is applicable to businesses who need to do trainings for their sales reps or customers. Instead traveling to different geographical areas to do the training, you can just walk to your computer. And, for your sales reps or customers, you make it super convenient to learn about your product or service. They can attend your webinar even when they take their dog for a walk. Just connect via phone and voila, they attend and can listen to what you have to say.
  4. Time travel – With the “Record Webinar” button, you can have people watch your presentation no matter when the webinar was streaming live. Some say that 300-500% of attendees watch the recording of the webinar rather than a live version.
  5. Something Special – Many webinar presenters provide their attendees with some special offer at the end, a call to action if you will. A discount, a special promo, or something else of a value. Reward your attendees for joining your webinar not only by the valuable content and interaction but also by offering them something that they can purchase, sign up for or act upon. More value you provide to your attendees, more value will come your way. And as a result, a well presented webinar can generate a positive jump in sales.

What did you take from this blog post? Is there anything that you can apply to your business?

To your success!

Lucie Tesar

Consult for Success – Business Coach