4 Basic Ways to Use Facebook for Growth of your Business

FAcebook  Facebook has become one of the currently successful platforms for marketing your business. Compared to the traditional ways of advertising, it has many advantages. It is more cost effective, more flexible, and more interactive! You can connect to your prospects and your customers in much more closer way and provide them even more value.


There are 4 basic ways that you can use Facebook for your business and for adding value to your customers.

1. Facebook Page

Facebook page can help you connect with your prospects, clients and customers in a more personal ways. You can let them know about your special promotions, new products or services, events that your customers might be interested in attending… Simply providing content that your prospects or current clients perceive as valuable. They see the benefit of subscribing (liking) your page because it adds value to their experience, entertains them or educates them.

There are 6 different types of pages depending on what type of business and industry you are at. Select type that is applicable to you and follow 4 easy steps and voila, your Facebook page is ready. And your journey of continuous improvement, adding value to your customers, and growing your business via Facebook begins. More tips on Facebook page set up and development in another post.

FAcebook page creation












2. Facebook Group

Facebook Group allows more sharing among members of your group and also can serve as an added bonus to your clients. You may create a Private Facebook Group only for certain members. Their posts and conversations maybe set as private so their other friends on Facebook cannot access or read the posts. It promotes sense of community around your product or service and helps you get very valuable feedback from your customers that can help you further grow your business by serving them better.

3. Facebook Ads

Huge advantage of Facebook Ads is that you can easily target who is your potential customer base, or current client base. It is a big topic, more in depth you can find out about it in my other posts.

4. Facebook Messages and Calls

Another added bonus of Facebook – without leaving the platform, you can easily communicate with people who previously showed interest and messaged you. You can even ask them whether they would like a free coaching/ consultation call over the Facebook (if that’s what’s applicable to your business). Yes, you can make a call via Facebook, no phone necessary, no other application necessary. How convenient to do that with your customers who live or currently travel outside of your country! As long as both parties have a decent internet connection, you can talk for free.

call via Facebook

Go to Facebook.com and test it out! Have fun with it! Your business can offer huge value to others. Make it easy and fun for them to find you and be impressed by your contribution to them.

To your Success!

Lucie Tesar