Entrepreneurs Creating Bridges Between Worlds – What’s Your Bridge?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in a way creators. They see, what’s missing or needed, and go and create it, or put together a team of people who help them make the vision happen. Be it literally a bridge between two places, or an invention, making things possible that haven’t been before.

bridge entrepreneurs

There are two worlds, a world of possibility and a world of reality. Entrepreneurs are the explorers who make the connection and enable people to cross from possibility to reality. Thomas Edison saw possible that power of electricity could be harnessed, and easily and safely used in each household. Bill Gates had a dream that there would be a computer in every home.

What is your “Bridge”? What worlds are you visioning to connect? What value can you offer to others that will enable them to reach “new shores”, be it a new experience, new level of income, better health and overall well-being, maybe the right meal plan? What is your solution to some problem, or what is your experience of overcoming a challenge that sharing how you did it could help someone else in their journey to healing or overcoming similar challenge that you had?

Very successful entrepreneurs are clear about what their “bridge’, or purpose is (business mission statement). They have a clearly defined value of what it is that they can provide for others and are able to communicate it properly and get others interested and enrolled in the vision.

Start your journey to success by defining clearly what it is that you offer, what is your vision and who it will help or benefit the most (your target market, avatar). More details on how to define and really get to know your avatar in another post.

To your Success!

Lucie Tesar