5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of Each Quarter

Key to business success and also to a life balance is a regular evaluation of where you are compared to your goals. And also an evaluation of whether your goals are still valid, and aligned with your values. Take out a piece of paper or dictate to your phone a note to read later, and answer the five key questions listed below.


Pick an area of your life or business and dig for answers!

1. What were the goals in the area of your life or business that you wanted to accomplish by the end of this quarter? Where do you stand RIGHT NOW compared to the desired goal?

e.g. My business related goal by the end of the quarter – to redesign website and start writing a daily blog. Where do I stand as of today? I got the redesign done, and started writing daily posts. However, skipped 4 days out of 7 in a week.

2. What is the lesson learned from the previous quarter? What you could have done differently that you see now, looking back? What did you do well? What worked and you should keep doing?

e.g. I learned a lot about moving from one hosting service provider to another, looking for suitable business email management platform, how to pick, install and customize theme in WordPress, and which plugins get me what I need and want. Many lessons learned! And you might benefit from them in the future blog posts. Lesson learned about blog posts – write more blog posts ahead of time to guarantee daily posts – some days get crazy and writing a quality blog post is not realistic. Very good lesson learned!

3. What is the specific goal for the next quarter? In any area of your life or business (your health, income level, relationships, etc.)

e.g. Contribute to my blog one post a day. Write a schedule ahead of time of topics that I want to cover and write a few posts ahead of time. Schedule automatic daily releases. Get into the habit of doing so and create a schedule that works for me best and fits into my life nicely. Create first interview with an expert in a business area.

4. What actions do you need to schedule in your calendar? When are you going to do so? How do you keep yourself accountable? Is my life balanced? Do I rest enough and incorporate fun and relaxing activities in my schedule? Is there anything missing?

e.g. Reach out to the expert in the specific area and set up the date of an interview. Find out what is the best equipment to record the interview and test it. Schedule time to do so. Schedule time to write blog posts. Scheduled by today, 8pm.

5. What other areas of your life or business need your attention? (Rinse the previous 4 questions and repeat :))

After you are done, take a break and think of all the areas of your life that you are grateful for. No matter how small or big the thing or event that you are grateful is, feel the gratefulness and appreciation.

Even if it is just being grateful for having eyes so you can read this blog. For being able to breathe freely and without pain. For being able to think about how you can grow your business and have amazing life. Take a deep breath, and feel appreciation for all the good things in your life and believe that the goals that you just set up for the next quarter will grow you as a person, grow your business and enable you to contribute to the lives of others.

Imagine that what you desire, you achieve! Hope you have a smile on your face right now. If so, mission accomplished!

To your Success,

Lucie Tesar